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The progression of advancements in technology has made living easier for everyone. It enabled the modernization of operations, whether for businesses or social purposes. Accordingly, technology has also improved medical processes, such as clinical consultations, in the healthcare industry. Seeking medical consultation with doctors in hospitals has become more difficult as healthcare services’ demand has continued to increase over the years. Hospitals have become overly crowded because of patients’ long queues waiting for their respective physicians to be available for check-up appointments. Innovations in technology have helped the healthcare industry create telemedicine services that address the problem arising from the need to deliver medical services.┬áTelemedicine in Boca Raton, FL, is synonymous with the traditional way of visiting a doctor. However, the difference is that any patient who uses the service is not required to travel and queue at the hospital and be present at the doctor’s office. Telemedicine services allow…

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