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On June 24, 2021, the Champlain Towers, a 12-story beachfront condominium in Surfside, Florida, partially collapsed. This tragic incident has resulted in 98 deaths, four people trapped and rescued from the rubble, and dozens of people without homes. Preliminary investigations revealed that the possible causes of the collapse were design failure, low-grade construction, and a lack of a property condition assessment NJ and routine maintenance. Furthermore, the Miami Herald’s consultation with engineers and a general contractor pointed out design flaws and structural weaknesses. The condominium building also failed to follow building codes set by the American Concrete Institute at the time it was built. This tragedy is just among the numerous building catastrophes that happened due to noncompliance with building codes and disregard for an adequate property assessment by a professional structural engineer NJ. The collapse of the condominium affected not only the lives of its occupants but also the…

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Testosterone blood test: If you’re wondering how testosterone is measured in a blood test, you’re not alone. The test measures testosterone levels in two different ways: in the blood and saliva. While blood samples are usually collected through venipuncture, saliva samples are often easier to collect. Both types of tests have different uses. Below we’ll outline how testosterone is measured in blood and saliva. To understand its role in blood tests, consider these three examples. Testosterone is a male sex hormone In both boys and girls, testosterone is a primary sex hormone. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for muscle development, the deepening of the voice, and sperm production. In adults, it controls sex drive, contributes to libido, and regulates some bodily functions. Testosterone is also produced by the pituitary gland, a pea-sized gland located at the base of the brain. Men can take a blood test to check the…

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People living in homes with limited spaces often think it will be hard for them to fix the area. So, they often tend to reduce the things they have to fit everything in. But as for expert home renovators, small spaces are opportunities to unleash their skills. Their creative ways are simply endless. And because many homeowners concern themselves with a small living room ideas of area to receive guests, they worry about their space. But regardless of the small living room area, these experts can make it look spacious and comfy. So, in this article, let their helpful tips guide you in creating the ultimate living room for you and your family. Built-in Items One way to organize your things without too much space is through built-in items like a cabinet. Items like books, living room cleaning materials, or decorative things can be placed here. This will result in…

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There are many trendy options you can follow to pop the life in your home during this season. As a homeowner, you want aesthetics and purpose on your kitchen countertops to work simultaneously. Check this infographic about Kitchen Cabinet Villa Park and Kitchen Cabinet Cerritos or visit our website.  

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Owning a home means understanding the responsibilities of maintenance and repair. Ensuring that your house’s foundation is maintained is important to prevent problems that can grow from minimal to difficult to repair and keep your property’s overall lifespan. While you think performing these duties yourself is fine, improper maintenance may only lead to bigger issues or subpar repair jobs. For secure and sure results, hiring professional Home Repair Services can be of big help to you. In this article, we’ll list why you should hire home repair and renovation services. Saves You Time And Money Performing repair jobs on your home, especially large ones, can be time-consuming and costly if not properly planned. Materials needed for maintenance come in varying prices, and if you weren’t able to budget due to a lack of experience, you might spend more than expected. Moreover, a single mistake could be costly and will hurt…

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The kitchen can be quite messy regardless of what you are doing. To address this, homeowners usually resort to different kinds of hacks on how they can maintain a kitchen, whether it’s about cleanliness or extra storage. To give you more ideas about this, don’t hesitate to visit our website or check these ideas: Cabinet Refacing Aliso Viejo and Cabinet Refacing Anaheim.  


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