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  • How Testosterone is Measured in a Blood Test

    How Testosterone is Measured in a Blood Test

    Testosterone blood test: If you’re wondering how testosterone is measured in a blood test, you’re not alone. The test measures testosterone levels in two different ways: in the blood and saliva. While blood samples are usually collected through venipuncture, saliva samples are often easier to collect. Both types of tests have different uses. Below we’ll […]

  • The Benefits of Herbal Stamp Massage and How to Train a Massage Therapist

    The Benefits of Herbal Stamp Massage and How to Train a Massage Therapist

    An Herbal stamp massage is a form of relaxation and massage originating in the East Asian region. It utilizes a combination of fragrant herbs and heated cotton bags to create a unique experience of deep relaxation and regeneration. This massage stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system while relieving stress. The powerful ingredients found […]

  • What Blood Tests Do I Need For PCOS?

    What Blood Tests Do I Need For PCOS?

    Diagnosing PCOS can be a daunting task, so you may be wondering: What blood tests do I need for PCOS? If you’re not sure where to start, there are some helpful tips for diagnosing your condition. You can also work with a health care professional specializing in PCOS. Your health care professional can communicate with […]

  • How To Protect Yourself from The Adverse Effects of Excessive UV Light Exposure

    It is not new knowledge that excessive exposure to the sun can have harmful effects on the human body and even put people at greater risk for skin cancer. But while the amount of UV exposure you get will depend on the length of time you are exposed to the sun, it will also depend […]

  • Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

    Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

    For years, people have been inhaling nicotine in their lungs coming from smoking tobacco. While many overlook the harmful effects that can prompt severe diseases, most have suffered the consequences of failing to limit their intake. Fortunately, many inventors have relentlessly found ways to reduce the risk associated with smoking. Vape products have continuously grown […]

  • Friendly Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place

    Friendly Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place

    As families want their senior members to have the best care they need as they grow older. Many consider availing services at nursing homes to ensure that their senior loved ones are assisted with daily living activities, specialized healthcare services, social engagement, and regular intervals of healthy and nutritious meals.   However, despite the advantages […]

  • Technical Requirements for Visiting a Doctor Online

    The progression of advancements in technology has made living easier for everyone. It enabled the modernization of operations, whether for businesses or social purposes. Accordingly, technology has also improved medical processes, such as clinical consultations, in the healthcare industry. Seeking medical consultation with doctors in hospitals has become more difficult as healthcare services’ demand has […]

  • Adjusting to The New Normal with The Help of PPE Care Kits

    The new normal has for sure been a big adjustment for every business or company. Employees are now allowed to report at the office or in their respective workplaces, but there are still guidelines provided by the government that they must follow. Social distancing, wearing of masks, and other regulations are still implemented to be […]

  • Advantages of Telemedicine: Reasons Why You Should See Your Doctor Online

    Since we are still under a global pandemic and we still obey home quarantine protocols, it is difficult to go out and see a doctor quickly, if required. You can always see the physician while following standard health procedures, though. Before scheduling your appointment, make sure to contact the clinic or check its website if […]

  • What Causes Elderly People to Fall?

    What Causes Elderly People to Fall?

    Aging can be associated with a gradual loss of muscle mass, strength, and power. Hence, older individuals are more susceptible to fall. Unfortunately, at the age, a fall can most likely be fatal, and when not, it can still have a detrimental effect on one’s health. According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and […]