Why some tires perform better than others

all-season tires

There can be several reasons why one tire would perform better than another tires. It is often related to the quality of the tires or then the that the tire haven’t been optimized for those conditions or a specific use. An all-season tire will not be as good as a winter tire in winter weather as it hasn’t been optimized to perform in those conditions. While a low-quality tire will not be as good as a premium tire of high quality, because they have cutting corners somewhere in order to save costs, to make the tires cheaper.

Part of what makes high quality tires a bit more costly than cheaper tires, is that they spend a lot of money on research and development. This ensures that they can deliver tires that has been tested extensively in all different conditions they need to perform in. They tires are also continuously being improved so that they can continue to deliver the safest and best driving experience. The materials used are also optimized and the best possible quality is used to deliver a safe and reliable tire.

A premium tire will last longer due to the premium materials used and that they have a lower rolling resistance so that they won’t wear out as fast as cheaper tires. The low rolling resistance also reduces the fuel consumption as you drive so that you have a cost saving for every mile that you drive. The combination of lower fuel consumption and less frequent replacement of the tires tend to make up for any savings you make by purchasing a cheaper tire. In addition to the savings, you also have a safer tire with the premium tire option.

When it comes to winter weather, you do however need to have winter tires that have been approved for winter use. Even a high-quality all-season tire will not perform well in these conditions. All-season tires are great in summer and can deliver you the best driving experience in those conditions, however when you go below zero degrees the rubber used will become hard. A hard tire can’t provide you with the grip that you need, as part of the grip comes from the fact that a soft tire will conform to the surface to provide you increased friction and therefor better grip.

If you combine high-quality with winter tires, you will have the best possible circumstances to drive safely regardless of how harsh winter weather that you will need to drive through. If you choose studded tires you will have studs that provide you with great grip on ice and a tread design will ensure that the tires can maneuver through snow and slush.

Check the tire pressure to make sure that you have properly inflated tires even during the cold weather. Since the tire pressure will decrease when the mercury falls on the thermometer, it is worth checking when you make a stop at the gas station. Low tire pressure will make your car less stable and you will lose some grip. The increased fuel costs due to low tire pressure makes it worth checking on a regular basis.

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