What is IDaaS?

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Idaas also known as Identity as a service is a cloud-based authentication built and operated by a third-party party provider. Idaas companies supply cloud-based authentication or identity management to enterprises that subscribe. Mainly companies with a large number of customers and employee detail need idaas. Idaas is put in place to avoid the breaching of data by unauthorized parties, and to protect customer and user identity. Identity as a service prevents data leakages and ensures authorized users have seamless access to the information within or outside the premises.

What is Idaas goal? The goal of Identity as a Service is to ensure secure access to individual accounts and that users are who they claim to be, giving them access to software applications, files, or other resources at the right times. Identity as a service has become difficult to execute by providers but not impossible. This is due to users changing devices accessing the sites. It is up to the Identity providers to immediately identify that the individual using a new device to access the site is who they claim to be. Companies that have had their confidential data leaked usually turn to an identity as a service solution for proper governance.

To the people that ask, what is IDAAS benefit. Well, idaas is and has been of significant benefits to organizations. It has proven to be of alot of help and effective for the small and medium business market. However, it is usually more helpful to enterprises that are looking forward to extending their existing IAM infrastructure. What is idaas enabling organizations to do? IDaaS has enabled organizations to save on cost, ease of access to industry-leading expertise, and efficiency to authentication. Idaas also enables an organization to enjoy fewer password resets and more trusted user logins.

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