Understanding diabetes on Aging Adults

While all the crucial stages in a person’s life have respective troubles, old age is a phase that requires much attention and care.

Not to mention, the progression of age makes the body vulnerable to certain diseases, leading to severe consequences if left untreated. One of the dreadful yet most common conditions for older adults is diabetes.


Diabetes is age-prevalent; even kids and teens are affected. However, for older people, diabetes is associated with higher mortality, chances of hospitalization, and disability.


Diabetes occurs when the human body’s blood glucose or blood sugar is too high. When a person has diabetes, the body cannot use or produce insulin, a hormone responsible for converting sugar into glucose to use as energy. As a result, too much glucose stays in the blood and can increase the chances of acquiring severe health problems over time.


While there are various conditions more severe than diabetes, it is a severe health issue that can provide serious health consequences if overlooked. More and more people are diagnosed with such a condition, and even more of the percentage comes from older adults.


If a family loved one exhibits symptoms of diabetes, it is essential to consult a healthcare professional who specializes in taking care of patients with the said condition. Some may directly be involved in the process of managing the disease.


However, many can hire Hourly Caregivers in West Hartford CT to supervise and take care and manage the health of a diabetic older adult anytime and any day. Not only can they provide adequate care, but they also provide companionship that many seniors seek.


More importantly, they can prepare nutritious meals that can balance their sugar intake that most find a challenging task.

Furthermore, some are professionals trained to administer injections of insulin and to monitor blood sugar levels.


Exercising is also manageable as the elderly are given assistance to prevent unwanted accidents such as falls. The importance of understanding diabetes cannot be overlooked as it is one of the keys to dealing with this condition and developing ways to prevent it.


This infographic from Euro American Connections & Homecare can tell you more about it. Read now.


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