Top Five FIFA World Cup Championship Goals

The FIFA World Cup is a popular football competition with many television viewers tuning in for each match. November is football season in Singapore, and punters eagerly await the participation of their favourite teams and players. Apart from being an anticipated sports event, the World Cup is also famous for online betting in Singapore.

While waiting for the tournament to begin, football fans may remember the event by looking back at the best World Cup goals.


Historical World Cup Goals


It was a historic year for Brazil after winning their first World Cup in 1958 against Sweden. Edson Arondes do Nascimento, commonly known as Pele, scored two goals with his superb controlling performance and remarkable footballing abilities.

The seventeen-year-old Brazilian forward became the youngest player in World Cup history to score during the final. His goals left a remarkable moment that captivated the football globe with his determination to score for his squad.

During the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the US, Saudi Arabia debuted at the coveted quadrennial footballing event and astonished viewers during their battle against Belgium. Within the first five minutes of the game, Saudi Arabian forward Saeed Al-Owairan made an incredible 70-yard run.

Al Owairan controlled the ball well and finished his run by slipping a shot past the opposing goalkeeper, resulting in a convincing victory for the team.

In 2006, Argentina and Mexico had a fantastic contest. Maxi Rodriguez scored the most incredible solo goal in FIFA World Cup history, which perplexed the football world.

Lionel Messi initiated the goal during the game after receiving the ball at the midfield position. After losing control of the ball, Messi transferred it inside to Juan Pablo Sorin. Subsequently, Sorin delivered the ball to Maxi Rodriguez. After receiving the ball, Rodriguez took it from the penalty area and fired it into the goal. The crowd was astounded by how the ball found its way inside the net through the top corner.

Another historical feat – Colombian midfielder James Rodriguez scored two of the country’s most memorable goals as the South Americans defeated Uruguay at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Rodriguez earned the Pukas Award after scoring the game’s superb first goal in the 28th minute. His way of controlling the ball was similar to Maxi Rodriguez’s technique for his historic goal. After acquiring a better shooting angle, he struck the ball, passing the Uruguayan player and gave his team a score. In his next goal, he guaranteed Uruguay’s defeat within the 50th minute of the game.

During the match against Argentina in 2018, Pavard scored one of the most beautiful goals – his first-ever for France. He volleyed the ball from an impossible-to-score angle, considering to have defied the laws of physics. The result sent France to the World Cup finals, which they later won.

The footballing world examines the goals from the previous World Cup series as they eagerly await the 2022 World Cup. Bettors will be even more focused on the event in November, planning their betting operations for the tournament.

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