Tire testing is key for success

winter tires

Continuous testing and improving is key for most industries and definitely the case when it comes to producing great winter tires. The best producers will keep testing their tires and continuously improve them. Nokian Tyres have excellent testing facilities in Ivalo in Northern Finland. The ability to test in real winter conditions and try to improve the performance on icy and snowy surfaces is critical. Nokian Tyres has definitely led the development within the winter tire field since they launched the world’s first winter tire some 85 years ago.

A producer that doesn’t have the possibility to continuously test tires in real conditions and try to improve the tires, will not be as competitive when it comes to producing great performance. Copying a function or feature from a tested tire, might not yield the same performance. Therefore, high-quality winter and snow tires can really give you the extra performance and safety that can keep you out of danger while driving on winter roads.

With this continuous improvement, the winter tires are now safer; you have the option to go for studded or non-studded tires, both with excellent winter properties. They are both providing you today with great driving experience. The studded tires now have shorter studs that are quiet and have outstanding grip on winter surfaces and you have non-studded tires that also have outstanding grip. These continuous improvements of the functionality in both tire design and of the materials used have yielded the better results. The tests support this and thus we have safer tires today and will have even safer tires in the future.

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