Tips for Managing Digital Distractions during Work Hours

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses had to adjust their operations, and many opted to allow remote work for their employees. This working model continues to be carried out even as pandemic restrictions were lifted in different parts of the world.

While the remote working environment may seem like a new idea to some people, it has been implemented in various industries, such as those wanting to know how to hire Filipino virtual assistant.

A female virtual assistant Philippines offers clients and organizations remote administrative or personal assistance services. Since their services can be conducted virtually, they are not required to report in a physical office.

Many virtual assistants enjoy different advantages of remote working, like flexibility, increased productivity, cost savings, work-life balance, and reduced office politics. But like any other concept, remote working has disadvantages, such as vulnerability to digital distractions. Some familiar sources of technology distractions include social media platforms, instant messaging platforms, online shopping websites, gaming applications, and video streaming services.

Managing Digital Distractions in a Remote Work Setup

Managing distraction can be challenging for employees in a remote work environment. One of the helpful tips that can mitigate distractions is to remove the source. This can be done by turning off unnecessary technology while working.

If employees need to use their phone for work purposes, they can change its setting to work mode and limit the notifications they receive. They can also block applications distracting during work hours to reinforce the focus on the tasks that must be done.

Another helpful tip to manage digital distraction is to use creative tools to stay focused. There are different mobile applications available that can help an employee stay focused during work hours.

One can also opt to try the Pomodoro technique, a time management method that involves breaking work hours into intervals. The Pomodoro technique enhances focus and productivity by reinforcing work in concentrated bursts with short breaks.

Learning the tips for managing digital distractions during work hours can help virtual assistants remain focused even in a remote work environment. It is significant for businesses looking for virtual assistant services to choose skilled professionals who can contribute to achieving goals and objectives.

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