The significance of choosing the right tires for the right season

all-season tires

People tend to spend a lot of time choosing a car for their families; however, limited or no consideration is given to the tires. They accept the tires that came with the vehicle, which tend to be all-season tires, and they might purchase a set of winter tires from the car dealer without much consideration. However, when these tires need replacing, they might be overwhelmed by choice of tires available on the market nowadays.

Things to consider when you purchase a new set of tires are the type of driving you will do, what kind of vehicle you have, what are the different weather conditions you will need to navigate through, and, last but not least, your budget. If you have a high-performance car, you should look into some premium sporty tires – like the Nokian zLine A/S – with an appropriate speed rating, which indicates the speed the maximum speed the tires can handle. Usually, the speed rating tends to be above the legal speed limit, but that is still necessary to indicate. Usually, the tires with a higher speed rating have better control and handling, even at a lower than maximum speed.

When it comes to the purchase decision, you have to know if you need all-season tires, all-weather tires, or dedicated all-season or winter tires, known as snow tires. For winter tires, you have the choice between studded or non-studded tires. Generally, where you live will dictate the type of tires you need. If you live in a warm area like the southern parts, with mild seasonal weather without real winters, you would be able to buy all-season tires. If you instead live in a more northern state, you would be better off with dedicated winter tires, still leaving the decision of whether to get studded or non-studded winter tires. You can also potentially get all-weather tires that you can safely use, both in winter and summer conditions. This way, you have the convenience of always having safe tires on your vehicle regardless of the weather conditions. It is perfect if you live in areas with no clear seasons or changing weather conditions, they can add a lot of safety. They also allow you to travel between different weather conditions without having to worry about tire changes. You do need to take care of tire rotation as you are not alternating between seasonal tires anymore.

When you have purchased a set of premium quality tires, make sure to drive safely and always pay attention. Avoid using your mobile phone while driving and respect the speed limit. Speeding is dangerous and increases the severity of an accident. Drive carefully, make sure to adjust mirrors before you start driving, use your seat belt, be attentive on the road and possible dangers, keep adequate space between you and the vehicle in front and always use caution when changing lanes. Be wary of poor visibility and bad weather.

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