The Short and Long Term Effects of Roof Neglect (Infographic)

The roof is a vital part of the house. It protects us from the scorching heat of the sun, the shivering snow, and the rain in every thunderous storm. Without the roof, the house would not be complete. Unlike the walls, which can be seen all around the house, or the floor that you literally step on, the roof does not garner that much attention than these parts of the house. Because of this, the roof gets lesser attention over time.

Because of the unawareness of homeowners, small roofing problems become major ones that require more money to fix rather than a few tools and effort. Besides the fact that the roof does not get enough attention, people do not check and repair their roof because they think that the roof is still good and can withstand a few more years, or they just do not want to spend cash. This mentality is incorrect because if you do not spend money on the small problems of today, you will bear harsher consequences tomorrow.

However, neglecting your roof does not automatically conclude that it will fly off your house once a strong wind comes. There are effects seen now and then later. To know the long and short-term effects of negligence on your roof, here is an infographic from Fahey Roofing Contractors.


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