The main challenges during the winter

winter tires

I think everyone who has driven a car during the winter period agrees that it is by far the most challenging period to drive in. You have all the challenges of snow, ice, and even slush. They all form different challenges and more so if you don’t have the correct tires for them. The tires are specifically designed to successfully cope with these weather conditions, so when you have the correct tires on your car, you will be safe, while if you have the wrong tires, you can be in real danger. You need high-quality winter tires to make sure that they can easily navigate through these conditions. All-season tires are not approved for winter use and should therefore not be used.

It does not only require good premium quality winter tires for you to keep safe; you will also need to make sure that you have them mounted on your vehicle before the winter weather arrives. If you don’t have them mounted, it doesn’t matter how good the tires are. Trying to get to the tire service station with your existing all-season tires is associated with enough danger that it is not advisable to do so. If you do try, you might end up in an accident. This is why it is so important that the tire change is done before the snow arrives, and it is advisable to do so already as the temperatures drop below zero. It is easier to track the temperature changes and plan your tire change accordingly. Winter tires outperform all-season tires when you have low temperatures, so there is no need to try to outwait the snow.

When the snow finally arrives, you will have challenges with parking and the risk of getting stuck. It is always worth being prepared and having the right tools in your car to get out of trouble. It is good to have an ice scraper, a snowbrush, and a shovel so you can dig yourself out in case you need it. Preparation both with the tires and the things you bring with you can save you a lot of future problems.

Try to avoid driving if you haven’t changed tires in time or if the weather is extremely bad. Both these factors have a bad impact on driving safety, but at least if you are well prepared, you have a much better chance of a good outcome if you do have to drive in bad weather.

All-weather tires are an option that has shown especially fruitful in areas with very unpredictable weather as these tires can handle both summer and winter conditions in a safe way so that you don’t have to bother with any tire changes between the seasons. You are basically ready to drive regardless of the weather conditions. You only must mind the tire rotations to ensure that they wear out evenly. Apart from that, you are always ready to drive.

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