The importance of good quality premium tyres

It is very important to equip our car with good quality tyres after all tyres are the most important part of the vehicle. It is constantly in contact with the road surface, and it is the tyres that create traction. The car is only as good as its tyres. To take an example, when a race car makes a pitstop, it’s the tyres that are checked and changed. It is also important to maintain your tyres, keeping an eye on tread depth and tyre pressure. The tread depth has importance in hydroplaning in that not enough tread depth can increase the risk. This is because the grooves on the tyres work to siphon water away from the surface between the tyres when the road is covered in water. If the grooves are not adequate because the tread depth on the tyres it too low, it can cause aquaplaning. The same can happen if the speed is too high.

You need to focus on what kind of driving you will be doing and what kind of driving conditions that involves, as this will help you decide what kind of tyres to get. There are tyres for all year round use as well as for dedicated seasons. In the category of all year-round tyres, there are all-season tyres and summer tyres. The key difference between the two is that the all-season tyres hold the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol indicating it can be used in severe winter conditions. The summer tyres do not hold this emblem, so these tyres are better for areas without severe winters. Some people prefer to have dedicated snow tyres or winter tyres more specifically. These, in turn, come either studded or non-studded.

There are many things to take into account when you purchase new tyres, so it is good to study what tyres would be best suit your needs. If you have a sports car, you might consider some high-quality tyres with an appropriate speed rating, indicating the maximum speed the tyre can safely be driven at. Usually, this speed rating is above the speed limit, but you might find times when you need the higher speed rating. Tyres with a higher speed rating tend to have better handling and cornering grip, something that obviously makes the car handle better.

When you are looking at winter tyres, you have many options, and the premium tyres always tend to perform better in extreme winter conditions which improves your safety and keeps you out of accidents. They have lower rolling resistance and will thus consume less fuel as you drive and your tyres will wear out slower, so you don’t have to invest in another set so soon again. Do your comparison among the different tyre tests performed in various motor magazines for winter tyres, to find the best ones for your vehicle and for your driving conditions. Do remember that if you have an electric car, that they tyres should be recommended for this use by the manufacturer.

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