The Cost of Implementing ERP in Your Business

Getting an ERP cost breakdown if you are planning to implement an ERP system in your business. Asking how much ERP costs is like asking the length of a piece of string, so it not wonder a lot of buyers can so easily get their heads into a spin. Setting a budget for a new enterprise resource system is something that requires planning and forethought along with a thorough understanding of what your particular business needs are.

So what the component of the budget for acquiring an ERP system? Even if you already have the green light to invest in a new enterprise resource planning software, you still need to set your budget and justify the costs. Even though not every component will apply to all implementations, you need to consider each one of them to be able to decide which ERP is right for your business. Among the key components in planning the cost of ERP include software licensing fees, additional servers and network hardware, customization, data conversion and transfer to new ERP, testing, training as well as vendor/consultancy support post implementation.

The above-mentioned are the most tangible costs to that you need to include in your budget, but you also need to think ahead to make room for contingencies. There are also hidden costs that you need to take into consideration when budgeting to the ERP system.

ERP software needs to be justified with a solid ROI projection. As a business owner, you have your reasons for buying an ERP system. Among the most common reasons include increasing productivity, improving business intelligence resulting from better data capture and analysis, reducing labor costs and accelerating order to cash cycle. But, when other business units are also shouting for budget allocations, you need to make sure that you can not only justify the expenditure now, but it will also prove to be justified later.

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