The correct tire size matters

All-season tires

When you are in the process of buying new tires, you will need to make sure that you both select the right tire type and the correct size. Tire dimension should be according to the recommendations given by the owner’s manual. If you change the dimensions of the tires, the driving behavior will change as well as the speedometer and odometer will not show the correct reading. This makes it very important that you don’t just get the size based on your belief or assumption, but you actually check the correct size before purchasing a new set of tires.

There tends to be a big discrepancy in knowledge when it comes to tires. People don’t understand all properties and also the importance of tires for the overall safety of the vehicle. If you try to change the size of the tires for looks, you actually alter the performance of the vehicle. If you don’t purchase premium tires that are correct for the driving conditions you lower your safety profile and put yourself and others in danger. You will need to make sure that you purchase tires that are of correct size and you need to make sure that you have the correct tires for the weather conditions that you aim to drive in.

You have all-season tires for all the warm seasons, you have winter tires for the cold winter season, which are also known as snow tires. Then you have a group of all-weather tires that can be used all-year round as they are approve for winter use. This makes them a very convenient choice especially if you don’t have a long winter season, but you still want to make sure that you always have safe tires to drive with even if the weather would change to winter conditions.

You also need to ensure proper maintenance of your tires that include making sure that you rotate the tires to even out the wear. Check the tire pressure on a regular basis to ensure that you keep the tire pressure on the recommended pressure level so that you don’t wear out your tire prematurely and increase the fuel consumption. Low and high tire pressure also alter the driving performance so that you alter the braking distance and cornering properties. You also need to do a visual inspection to ensure that the tires are in good condition, free from cracks or cuts. Checking the tread depth should be done on a regular basis so that you can monitor the depth so that you know when you need to rotate the tires as well as when you need to change your tires. You should manage the tire rotation so that you can change all four tires at the same time so that you don’t alter the driving performance which will happen if you have different grip on different positions of the car. This will result in the car to over or understeer.

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