The 100-Year Legacy of SIMON LED Lights

LED lights continue to dominate the lighting industry, as various brands cater to the continuous demand. One noteworthy addition to the myriad of brands is SIMON LED lights, which are committed to innovation and energy efficiency.

SIMON LED lights are founded on the principles of adapting to the latest technology and fostering sustainability. Over time, it gained recognition for providing high-quality lighting solutions. As a lighting supplier with a 100-year legacy, SIMON emphasizes the significance of delivering lighting solutions for households and contributing to minimizing environmental impact and energy consumption.

The History of SIMON LED Lights

Households have various options when it comes to choosing lighting solutions for their home. For those who want a brand that embodies reliability, SIMON is a standout among the competition with its long history.

SIMON began with Arturo Simon’s initiative to produce lamp holders within the confines of his modest workshop amid the shortage of lighting due to the Great War. In that same year, Simon’s first Bayonet socket was also created.

In 1920, Simon then introduced an innovation in the market, which was lamp holders with keys. Five years later, Arturo Simon then expanded the range of electrical equipment as he created outlets and switches, which significantly increased his company’s productivity. After this shift, a factory on the ground floor and housing on the first floor were established.

In 1927, Simon introduced a new light switch with a tumbler system in the market, and three years later, he created “Extra,” which is a rotary switch.

During the times of the Civil War, the industrial sector then came to a pause as operations became centralized for the production of weapons. Simon’s company went over a mandatory shift, redirecting its efforts toward copper and lead bullet manufacturing. Meanwhile, during World War II, Simon engaged in the manufacturing process of porcelain. This shift is in response to the scarcity during the time.

In recent times, SIMON commemorated its 100th anniversary by launching the groundbreaking SIMON 100 series. This innovation symbolizes a revolution in the design, usability, and functionality of its lighting solutions. SIMON 100 series is designed to seamlessly integrate rapid installation processes like IDC and IoT (Internet of Things) technology into the series. 

This innovation led to the creation of a new era in home automation that is more accessible to a wide audience.

SIMON LED Lights’ Sustainability Initiatives

As the world continues to evolve, more individuals today are becoming aware of their environmental impact. With this, many are trying to find ways to contribute to saving the planet, and SIMON is involved in this initiative.

LED light suppliers today are steadfast in implementing environmentally friendly practices throughout their business operations. SIMON prioritizes minimizing environmental impact through energy-efficient lighting technology and eco-conscious manufacturing processes.

SIMON continues to seek innovative solutions to lessen its carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future. SIMON’s sustainability efforts go beyond their products as they also emphasize having responsible business practices that contribute to achieving global environmental goals.

Why SIMON LED Lights are the Preferred Choice for Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency of lighting solutions, many homeowners prefer having SIMON LED Lights for living rooms or kitchen counter lighting.

A SIMON LED light bulb only requires 11W to produce the same amount of light compared to the 20W needed for CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lamp. The light bulb is designed to work with a voltage range of around 220 to 240 volts and a power supply frequency ranging from 50 to 60 hertz. It also emits up to 1375 lumens of brightness even though it only needs 11W of power to function.

These light bulbs from a lighting supplier Philippines can last up to 20,000 hours, and this can be longer depending on the frequency of use. This means that the light bulb can be functional for at least 822 days, which provides light in households for more than two years. A long-lasting light bulb minimizes the need to purchase new light bulbs, which may add up over time.

For households that want advanced lighting technology and practice sustainability, they can opt to make the switch with SIMON LED lights. Its arrival in the Philippine market led to a transformative impact on many homeowners. SIMON LED Lights provides high-quality lighting solutions and eco-friendly options.

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