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  • The advantages of using studded tires in mountainous regions

    There are several advantages when you use studded tires.  The main is safety, as nothing handles better on winter road than studded winter tires. The main advantage is that if your car or SUV is equipped with studded winter tires, you can often manage without having to put snow chains on your vehicle when driving […]

  • Purchasing the best winter tires is a safe and wise decision

    Most people who really understand the importance and significance of tires and the difference between having bad and good tires are always selecting the best tires that money can buy. They see it as a good investment. Cheap tires are almost always an expensive ordeal as they will not last as long and needs to […]

  • When to choose all-weather tires

    You should consider all-weather tires if you live in an area with snow and ice in the winter and you prefer to keep one set of tires throughout the year. The fact that all-weather tires have the same snow service rating as winter tires makes them ideal for snow and ice use. Nowadays, people prefer […]

  • Tire testing is key for success

    Continuous testing and improving is key for most industries and definitely the case when it comes to producing great winter tires. The best producers will keep testing their tires and continuously improve them. Nokian Tyres have excellent testing facilities in Ivalo in Northern Finland. The ability to test in real winter conditions and try to […]

  • The main challenges during the winter

    I think everyone who has driven a car during the winter period agrees that it is by far the most challenging period to drive in. You have all the challenges of snow, ice, and even slush. They all form different challenges and more so if you don’t have the correct tires for them. The tires […]

  • SUV winter tires are needed for your SUV if you will drive on winter roads

    If you own one of those big SUVs, you will need to ensure that you have proper premium winter tires suited for a large SUV. When you drive during the winter in winter conditions, you need to make sure that you use premium winter tires on your SUV. Having winter tires means that you can […]

  • Some concerns people have with electric cars

    The two major issues that people have with electric cars are that the initial investment is higher. The second is that people worry about the range of the battery and the limited battery life. As innovations continue on all fronts, electric vehicles are improving. If you are not sure, hybrid vehicles are a good way […]

  • The significance of choosing the right tires for the right season

    People tend to spend a lot of time choosing a car for their families; however, limited or no consideration is given to the tires. They accept the tires that came with the vehicle, which tend to be all-season tires, and they might purchase a set of winter tires from the car dealer without much consideration. […]

  • All-weather SUV tires allow for more flexible driving

    When you have a bigger car like an SUV, you tend to be more safe when driving compared to normal passenger cars. This is based on survival statistics from accidents. In an SUV you sit higher up and you have a heavier vehicle. These heavier and larger SUVs will require different tires with different features […]

  • The benefits of non-studded tires

    There are some real benefits with non-studded tires compared to studded tires with the main benefit being that their use is not restricted as with studded tires. In fact, only 7 States allow unrestricted use of studded tires. With new innovations in tire technologies the new generation of non-studded tires perform virtually the same as […]