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  • Tire testing is key for success

    Continuous testing and improving is key for most industries and definitely the case when it comes to producing great winter tires. The best producers will keep testing their tires and continuously improve them. Nokian Tyres have excellent testing facilities in Ivalo in Northern Finland. The ability to test in real winter conditions and try to […]

  • The main challenges during the winter

    I think everyone who has driven a car during the winter period agrees that it is by far the most challenging period to drive in. You have all the challenges of snow, ice, and even slush. They all form different challenges and more so if you don’t have the correct tires for them. The tires […]

  • Be ready for the approaching winter weather

    As winter is approaching quickly, make sure that you do your tire change in a timely fashion. If you wait too long, you might already be in an accident. So changing them early enough before the winter weather arrives is of crucial importance. Winter tires are actually better than all-season tires even before the snow […]

  • Innovations in tire manufacturing help protect against hydroplaning

    Innovations in tire manufacturing help protect against hydroplaning. Good quality tires, especially with innovations that help prevent hydroplaning, can keep you safe in rainy weather. Early fall, as well as late summer, is when rains are the most common. When you equip your car with good quality tires with adequate tire pressure, it is the […]

  • How polished grooves in all-season tires can help to prevent hydroplaning

    When driving in wet conditions with all-season tires on your vehicle, you want to make sure that you have tires that are good in these conditions. Wet conditions tend to be to most challenging driving conditions during the warm season. During wet conditions, you have both the challenge of heavy thunderstorms with very heavy rain, […]

  • Electric cars will need tires that are made for electric vehicles

    Tires are very important when it comes to avoiding accidents. A set of premium tires on an electric car or a hybrid car will ensure that you get the wanted performance out of it; you should be able to enjoy better stability and control over your vehicle. Premium tires will also give you great grip […]

  • All-weather tires hold advantages in seasons other than winter

    All-weather tires hold advantages in seasons other than winter. Many people invest in all-weather tires in areas that have severe winter weather as they are approved for winter use. All-weather tires hold the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” emblem which signifies that they have passed required performance criteria in snow testing and are thereby considered severe […]

  • Why some tires perform better than others

    There can be several reasons why one tire would perform better than another tires. It is often related to the quality of the tires or then the that the tire haven’t been optimized for those conditions or a specific use. An all-season tire will not be as good as a winter tire in winter weather […]