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Pearls have been long rebranded. Gone are the days when pearls are reserved for classy and formal occasions. These days, pearls can be worn by anyone at any event. Pearls have taken a turn for the cool. Looking at today‚Äôs trends, you will find pearls in the list. Modern pearl jewellery UK has become a thing. This trend is where they incorporate pearls into a more trendy jewellery piece. Others also use pearls for nice jewellery layering. But before all these trends started, pearls were first known as a rare and expensive piece of gem. History of Pearls Pearls symbolise a lot of things. In some cultures, pearls are considered emblems of wisdom, while for others, it is some sort of a talisman that brings luck and protection. Pearls are also seen to represent purity because of their pristine splendour. But the most predominant symbolism that pearls have is the…

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