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You may be torn between refacing your kitchen cabinets in Coto De Caza and replacing them if you are planning to renovate your kitchen very soon.  There are situations where cabinet replacement may be inevitable, for instance when the existing cabinets are badly worn out or damaged, or if you are not satisfied with the current cabinet layout.  But if all your cabinets need is a facelift, you are better off refacing them than replacing them. Kitchen cabinet refacing Coto De Caza is pretty much what it sounds like – changing the “face” of your cabinets. It involves replacing the doors, drawer fronts and hardware of the existing cabinets without having to take down the entire cabinet. The following are some of the benefits of cabinet refacing. First of all, cabinet refacing is less expensive. On average, refacing is about half the price of replacing your cabinets. In most cases,…

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