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Friendly Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place Infographic featured image

As families want their senior members to have the best care they need as they grow older. Many consider availing services at nursing homes to ensure that their senior loved ones are assisted with daily living activities, specialized healthcare services, social engagement, and regular intervals of healthy and nutritious meals.   However, despite the advantages of senior care facilities offer, some families also consider their elder loved ones’ wishes. Many older people want to stay in their homes as they age as it provides them independence and control of their own lives. Thus, several families opt to avail senior home care in CT to give their senior members the chance to live in their own homes and have the assistance they need when they are having trouble with their everyday activities.   Home caregivers can ensure that seniors receive the care they need while living independently in their homes. Families can hire…

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The remodeling of a bathroom requires basic measures. Second, you should remove bathroom fixtures or demolish them. To prevent any untidy spills, begin by draining and removing the toilet. Next, the bathtub is detached, the tub is sealed, and the bath tile is detached from the studs. If the plumbing needs to be reworked to suit the new shower or tub design, this is important. Another step is, where possible, to strip the insulation from your walls. Do not use an insulation hammer, but use a reciprocating saw to cut out the panels instead. Remove sinks, vanities, mirrors, floor tiles, or any other items you want to change inside your bathroom after that. In keeping with this, rent a dumpster for your demolition debris so that you can dispose of all at once. A bathroom remodeling tip. Your brand new shower or tub basin will be mounted next. You can…

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what causes elderly people to fall featured image euro american connections and homecare

Aging can be associated with a gradual loss of muscle mass, strength, and power. Hence, older individuals are more susceptible to fall. Unfortunately, at the age, a fall can most likely be fatal, and when not, it can still have a detrimental effect on one’s health. According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults. An injury following a fall is associated with decreased quality of life and poor functional outcome; in severe injuries, these effects continue for a prolonged period. Since aging is associated with the degeneration of psychological and physical functions, the frequency of falling is at higher risk. To prevent your loved ones from suffering a fall, it is important to know what possibly causes a fall that may stem from it. As we age,…

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7 Essential Items You Shouldn’t Keep In Your Bathroom featured image duracarebaths

People often use convenience as a criterion when deciding where to place their essential items inside their place. And, one of the best areas to store and access it is in the bathroom. However, it is not always the best storage place, as a bathroom can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.   Accordingly, the bath fitters have the highest temperature, humidity, and moisture levels compared to other rooms. The moisture and warm heat produced by the bath steam may risk the quality of the jewelry, makeup, perfumes, and medicines you store in the bathroom. Consequently, the same factors can help grow bacteria and fungus on items made in paper and fabric, such as books, magazines, and towels.   Deciding to store your essential items in a different room may be the best option. It will also help if you use storage boxes for jewelry and medicines or…

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Lessons from Coronavirus How to Maintain Your Health featured image

There have been devastating plagues that happened in the early periods and were recorded in history. That each one of these pandemics leaves a remarkable number of the death toll. Starting from the Plague of Justinian, wherein the pandemic was originated in Africa and spread throughout Europe and Asia because of infected rats that were carried by merchant ships. It has caused starvation and desolation for several years and was believed to kill 25 million people or more than. The Black Death follows, also known as the Pestilence or the Great Mortality, is pressing ahead of the death game. It has begun to contaminate Europe and across the continents over half a decade. Over 50 million people, half of the population of Europe, died because of this bubonic plague. One of the most catastrophic plague there is started in the suburb of St. Giles-in-the-Fields and soon traveled into the neighboring…

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How to have a more private home featured image

Privacy is one of the most valuable things every single person can have in the world. In the United States, the Constitution guarantees the privacy of every citizen. One of the advantages you will enjoy is your privacy at home. Anyone in the comfort of their home will expect a private space. Due to the protection it provides, privacy within your home is crucial. Protection from unwanted intruders capable of stealing your possessions and from people walking by your home or neighbors trying to break into your private life. Your home is meant to act as a sanctuary from nosy neighbors, busy streets, and the outside world’s general hum and buzz. There are things you can do to get a bigger sense of privacy. It is one of the best ways to make your home more secure. There are four popular styles of fences you can construct within your house.…

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