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  Having a pool table at home can be a great asset in a family home. Besides being a great conversation starter during social gatherings, it can also be an excellent family heirloom. Hence, when selecting a billiards table, it is without question that you must choose the best quality materials for it. People often look at the price of pool tables as their basis when buying one. However, selecting the most expensive or the cheapest one does not guarantee a quality table. Instead, it would be best to consider the table’s purpose, the size, and the quality of materials. Pool tables have four standard sizes: 7′, 8′, 8.5′, and 9′. Selecting your table’s size would depend on its purpose, where you are planning to place it, and who would be playing with it. Thus, if you have a smaller living space, you should not buy a 9′ pool table.…

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