Some concerns people have with electric cars

all-season tires

The two major issues that people have with electric cars are that the initial investment is higher. The second is that people worry about the range of the battery and the limited battery life. As innovations continue on all fronts, electric vehicles are improving. If you are not sure, hybrid vehicles are a good way to combine the lower fuel costs associated with electric vehicles with the assurance of being able to drive the vehicle with gasoline when needed and be able to refuel at a gas station if you need to go longer distances. The batteries are also charged by the combustion engine and the regenerative braking.

By adding special tires with a very low rolling distance, electric vehicles have been able to increase their driving range. Today, several tires are recommended for use on electric vehicles, and some are even specially made for them. When you purchase a new electric vehicle, it will be equipped with a set of all-season tires, and if you need tires for the winter season that can handle snow, ice, and slush, you will need to purchase a set of winter tires that are recommended for winter use. You nowadays have the newly added Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 EV that are made for electric vehicles. They are so-called studded tires, but they can still handle the higher torque and the higher weight that electric vehicles have.

With electric motors, you can get maximum torque from the start and not have to get up to a certain rpm you need in a combustion engine. This is great for generating very quick speeds. It does, however, cause a bit higher tire wear due to longitudinal slip upon acceleration. You also have a longer braking distance due to the weight that might decrease in the future with better and lighter batteries.

Other innovations will be more charging stations and better-equipped ones to allow for wireless charging, which can be seen with mobile phones nowadays. There will also be more battery stations, where you can just leave your batteries and pick up new ones in a system that will track and invoice them to also take into account the wear of the tires. This will make it possible to stop quickly to get new batteries and continue the journey.

The future might be electrified roads, where you can charge as you drive. This might be the future in countries that will ban combustion engines and only allow for electric cars to operate. The future is unknown, but one thing is certain. Electric cars are here to stay, and combustion engines will be phased out. The continuous improvements will make it easier to change to an electric car without us as drivers getting stuck somewhere without charge or unsafe due to the vehicle or its tires. Don’t forget to rotate the tires to even out differences in tire wear between the front and the rear tires, and the tires will last longer.

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