A home is a special place for each individual. It has no scenic setting, but a home gives off a nostalgic sentiment to a person who has lived within since they were a kid, and those remembrances will be with them as long as they live. Both the sad and fun memories they earned in an establishment are what made them the person they are today. Thus, the attachment they have in a single billet cannot be replaced by any other.

Despite this, people tend to get busy nowadays because of work. Individuals become too attentive and providing an excessive amount of effort at the company they are operating within to either have a high rise or turn into a regular employee. Their hands are too pre-occupied that they no longer have time for the family that is the reason for who and what they are today.

In 2020, a plague took place in Wuhan, China, and swept the world in a blink of an eye. The hasty spread of the pestilence troubled the world thoroughly that all work operations outside were halted – even those entertainment institutions are not an exception to the virus. The implementation of the home quarantine provided by the authorities facilitated limiting the casualties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several countries still experience the established mass lockdown, changing the normal lives of people. Commencing on the usual surge of the workforce, school, how the economy runs, and as well as stopping entertain that requires social interaction.

Sports are one of those fields of leisure that has been halted during the quarantine. People cannot go to the court and play basketball because a close contract is highly prohibited. Thus, citizens are trying out alternative ways to have a relax and bonding time together with their friends or family.

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