Recording A Text Message for Legal Matters

If you have ever been to a legal proceeding, you know that lawyers and their respective clients require accurate documents and printed text messages to serve as written records for their case. In fact, text messages usually serve as excellent records to avoid any “he said she said” situations during a trial or litigation. Having a complete record of your text messages can also help speed up the investigation, becoming more efficient, and saving a lot of time and money for all of the parties involved in the case.

Nowadays, using mobile SMS has been a rapidly growing phenomenon. It can be seen everywhere even between employees and clients. However, with the importance of keeping text messages for use in trial and legal matters becoming more relevant, everyone must know how to record text messages.

Different Ways to Record Text Messages

Not every text can be used in a legal proceeding. Mobile SMS that has relevant conversations and admissible evidence are the only ones that can be used in court. When retaining text messages for legal matters, make sure that you preserve all the necessary information to make them suitable in court. Here are a few ways you can record a text message or mobile SMS:

  • Using Screenshots– Perhaps the most common way of recording a text message is by capturing a screenshot. All you have to do is scroll through the whole conversation and capture the important parts while making sure that the time, date, and contact information can all be seen. This captured screenshot will automatically be saved into your phone’s gallery. Make sure that your screenshots are organized in chronological order to make them easier to find.
  • Using the Phone’s Built-in Features- iPhone and Android phones can maintain backups of texts and other content on your phone by storing them either locally or in a cloud. This can make the texts easier to locate through different devices.
  • Apps and Programs- Anyone can use different applications to record their messages and keep backups. However, this will likely take a little bit more time as you will have to install the app and get familiar with its different features.

To learn more about recording text messages, here is an infographic by Telemessage. Telemessage’s Mobile Archiver can help your company archive text messages and back them up automatically. Visit their website at to learn more about their different benefits and programs.



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