Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Injection Molding Machine

Used Injection Molding Machine

Buying a used injection molding machine can be easy if you know the right steps to take. Plastic injection molding is just as relevant and important as any other machining process. When considering purchasing plastic injection molding equipment, there are many things you need to consider in order to avoid ending up with the wrong ones.

To be sure that you are purchasing the right used injection molder for your needs, there are various questions you need to ask the seller.  First of all, you need to ask the seller if they can provide photos of both moving and fixed sides the used injection molds that you are interested in buying. By looking at the photos, you will get more information about the current mold condition, for instance, if there are any unusual wear patterns that could lead to premature part quality issues. Checking out the photos of the machine will also give you an idea of mold design.

You also need to ask the seller about mold material specifications. Find out about the type of steels, copper alloys or aluminums that are used in mold construction as they heavily influence mold life as well as the ability to repair and modify a mold. For instance, to be able to perform a welding operation on a mold, the welding material should be the same as the mold material in order to avoid the risk of permanently damaging the mold beyond repair. In case you cannot get the material specifications from the seller, there is another approach you could use. For a small cost, there are some labs that can analyze for you a sample of the material.

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