Things You Need to Know about Pearls

Pearls have been long rebranded. Gone are the days when pearls are reserved for classy and formal occasions. These days, pearls can be worn by anyone at any event. Pearls have taken a turn for the cool.

Looking at today’s trends, you will find pearls in the list. Modern pearl jewellery UK has become a thing. This trend is where they incorporate pearls into a more trendy jewellery piece. Others also use pearls for nice jewellery layering. But before all these trends started, pearls were first known as a rare and expensive piece of gem.

History of Pearls

Pearls symbolise a lot of things. In some cultures, pearls are considered emblems of wisdom, while for others, it is some sort of a talisman that brings luck and protection. Pearls are also seen to represent purity because of their pristine splendour. But the most predominant symbolism that pearls have is the symbolisation of one’s status and nobility.

These sea gems take time to be formed, which makes them rare and expensive. This is also the reason why only the royals and elites can afford pearls before. But through time, humans have found a way to insert themselves into the creation of pearls. Today, pearl farms have been prominent. These farms have also made it possible for more people to avail pearls.

Types of Pearls

If you go around the market searching for pearl jewellery, you might have noticed that each pearl costs differently. This is because pearls are created and harvested differently. And that is where their price depends.

For instance, a natural pearl will be more pricey than a cultured pearl. This is because natural pearls are 100% made by nature, whereas cultured pearls are formed through the help of pear farmers. In relation, imitation pearls are relatively the cheapest out of the pearl family because they are artificially made.

Other pearl types are Akoya and freshwater pearls, which are the most famous pearls among the bunch. On the other hand, pearls such as South Sea Pearls and Tahitian or the black pearls are among the most treasured and expensive pearls.

Indeed, this generation has taken pearls to the next level. Some jewellers are even using these sea gems to create personalised jewellery UK. All these trends are just proof that pearls are timeless and classic.

If you want to know more about pearls, you can check this infographic from Charming Jewellery Store.

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