New tires for summer or winter will keep you safe

All-season tires

Tires are designed to wear out over time, and they will often have wear indicators in the tires so that you can see the remaining tread depth by looking at the tread. Good quality tires will last longer as they will have a lower wear rate than some of the cheaper ones. One thing is sure that all tires will wear out over time. This is one reason why you need to check the tread depth, to ensure that it is above 5/32 inches. If you go below 5/32 inches, it is not safe to drive with them anymore. The car tires start losing its key properties while the tread wears out and you need to replace the to be able to drive safely. Key properties lost are grip, ability to prevent aquaplaning for all-season tires and slushplaning for tires that are approved for winter use. You also will have a prolonged braking distance.

The tires basically determine the safety of your car, so a very good and safe car, will not be as safe when you have bad or worn-out tires on it. Braking distance is significantly increased when the tread starts wearing out. Not being able to stop in time is a big reason for the majority of car accidents. This is also a reason why high speeds are dangerous, as it takes longer to get the car to a halt. Grip is another key property that is lost as the tire wears out. Without proper grip your car while slide as you take corners and turns, and you can easily lose control over the vehicle.

If you have winter tires the grip is even more crucial during wintertime as the road surfaces are already slippery as you have ice and snow. This requires that you check the tread depth to make sure that the winter tires are also more than 5/32 inches, as you need as much grip as you can get from your winter tires.

Tire pressure is another factor that can impact the safety and performance of the car, as low tire pressure leads to worse driving properties. The tire wear also increases with low tire pressure, so in addition to checking the tread depth you need to check the tire pressure regularly to ensure that the pressure is as is indicated in the car’s manual. Driving with too low tire pressure also increases the rolling resistance, which will increase the fuel consumption of the car, so that you have to refuel the car more often. The low pressure becomes quite costly as you both wear out your tires faster, but you also consume more fuel, so you will soon need a new set of tires.

By purchasing new set of premium tires, you will have better performance and safety when you drive. Make sure that you purchase the correct dimension and the correct tires for the season you plan to drive in. It is always important to have winter approved tires when driving in any winter conditions.

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