Motorcycle Crash Bars: What are They and are They Worth the Investment?

A motorcycle crash bar is a piece of motorcycle protection equipment in the form of tubing installed on the bike’s frame or engine. Crash bars are aftermarket motorcycle accessories that are useful to protect bikes and their riders should an accident occur.

The crash bar acts as a barrier between the ground and the motorcycle as the bar protrudes past the bike. Because the bars are made from mild steel or stainless steel, they can provide adequate protection to the rider. However, bikers must ensure that they buy a crash bar engineered for a specific motorcycle model instead of those that claim to be one-size-fits-all solutions.

SW Motech crash bars create their crash bars by creating the prototype directly on the bike and checking the mounting points and the bike’s design. After shaping the tube used as the prototype, it is then used as a reference to develop a welding model.

SW-Motech also uses a unique sequence for the welding process. The steel material used for the crash bar becomes pliable when heated during the welding process, making it susceptible to changes in the steel’s shape. The heated tubing will need to cool down first before the next part is welded to the bike.

The final welding model developed from the prototype will be used as the reference for the initial series of motorcycle crash bars. The crash bars are welded by professionals with a CL 1 certification, the highest standard in the industry. SW-Motech also uses a special welding robot to produce the crash bars.

After the welding process, the crash bars are then subjected to chemical pre-treatment and then powder-coated. The bars are also tested for rust resistance and another series of quality management before being sold.

Crash bars are necessary aftermarket parts as they protect the bike and the rider from damages in an accident. Quality crash bars effectively reduce motorcycle damage while also protecting the fuel tank. If the bike falls over, the crash bar also provides a degree of protection by keeping the rider from getting crushed underneath the bike. The bars can also help make picking the bike up easier.

Because crash bars can reduce the damages received by a bike, the cost of repairs and parts replacements will be relatively low compared to when the bike receives heavy damage.

Crash bars are useful aftermarket accessories that can effectively protect a motorcycle from being heavily damaged in an accident. The fact that a crash bar can somehow help a rider increase their survivability when caught in an accident.

Before buying a crash bar, motorcycle owners should keep its limitations in mind and not depend on it too much. They must still be careful when riding the bike and not rely on the aftermarket product too much. They should also look for quality items from reputable manufacturers to avoid getting stuck with cheap knockoffs and substandard crash bars that won’t help protect the bike from damage.

Crash bars

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