Minimizing the Effects of Supply Chain Disruption during the Pandemic

Supply chains are usually disrupted during various crises, and many companies have contingency plans set up to continue their operations. However, the coronavirus pandemic made it more difficult for businesses to continue operating due to the different challenges present with the current crisis that hamper efficient shipping. Trusting in a reliable customs brokerage in the Manila area can help businesses mitigate the negative effects of supply chain disruptions.

The companies must also contact their suppliers to get an idea of their pandemic contingency plans. The company can then adjust their operations accordingly to maintain their supply chain.

Businesses can also ship items in bulk containers to limit product touches during the shipping process since forklifts will handle them. The workers will be kept from touching smaller containers when shipping items in bulk.

It’s also essential to keep the workers’ safety in mind when continuing operations. They must be equipped with sufficient personal protective equipment, including face masks, face shields, and other necessary protective clothing. The company must also remind its employees to practice proper sanitation and hygiene to keep themselves safe from COVID.

Companies must not forget to trust in a customs broker in Manila to ensure that they can have a streamlined and efficient shipping process when continuing their operations. For more information, see this infographic by Excelsior.

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