Make sure that your tyres are balanced

Balancing your tyres is something you can’t do yourself, you will need to take your tyres for tyre service, where they will take your tyres off and put them in a rotating machine that measures the side forces on the tyre, the machine calculates what weight should be added to counteract these forces and balance the wheel. When the weights, which should be environmentally friendly and not contain lead, have been added the wheel should rotate smoothly. When you change between summer and winter tyres, or just rotate your tyres at a tyre service station, they will check if the tyres are balanced.

If you drive with wheels that are not balanced, the tyres can wear unevenly, and the steering wheel can rattle and decrease the driving comfort. Uneven wear can cause your tyre lifetime to decrease. In addition to that the tyres need to be balanced, they also need to have the correct tyre pressure, so that the optimal part of the tread is in contact with the road surface. Low tyre pressure causes higher rolling resistance, which increases the wear. In addition to increased wear, you will also end up with a higher fuel consumption, so it can get expensive to drive around with wrong tyre pressure and you will not have the optimal performance.

When you soon will change between summer tyres and winter tyres, if you have a tyre service station do the change for you, they should make sure that the winter tyres are balanced before they are mounted on your car. This is why it is very good to have professionals doing the tyre change for you. You know that they tyres are checked before they are mounted and that the tyre pressure is correct so that you know that you leave the place with safe tyres with the proper tyre pressure, new tyre valves and with checked tread depth. When the tyres are mounted with professional tools, it is not only very quickly done, but you also know that all the bolts are tightened tightly enough.

Most tyre service stations will have hotel storage for your tyres, so that you can store your summer tyres until you need them again. This way you know that they are conveniently stored at the correct storage conditions and ready waiting for you in a safe environment. Theft of tyres is more common than most people think, so storing them in a safe place can be well worth it. You also then don´t have to worry about getting the tyres from the storage to the trunk and then get the tyres changed and then bring the tyres with you back home. You are also more flexible as you can drive by the tyre service station when you have time to do the change without having to plan and load the tyres in advance. Since the tyres are stored in the correct conditions, they won´t degrade due to ozone or direct sunlight.

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