How Virtual Assistants Can Stay Productive and Healthy During This Pandemic

Multiple businesses worldwide now rely on virtual assistant companies like excellent VA companies in the Philippines. Filipino VAs offer high-quality work for affordable rates, making them attractive for businesses that want to cut costs but continue operations. Working from home during the pandemic can present different stresses that can affect the virtual assistant’s health and productivity.

VAs must have a home office they can work in to keep distractions at a minimum to focus at work. Getting distracted from background noise and other things can keep people from being productive. Hearing COVID-related news might even negatively affect the worker’s mental health.

It’s also vital that people only work during the designated work hours and stop immediately if they are over. Some remote workers might be tempted to work after office hours since they’re at home anyway.

Taking a break shouldn’t be forgotten just because people are at home since working continuously in front of the computer can tire out the VA and reduce productivity. Taking a 15-minute break away from a screen can refresh the mind and let a remote worker stay productive.

Excellent virtual assistant companies in the Philippines have VAs who know how to excel in working from home. Any VA that also wants to excel must learn how to manage their health and productivity. For more information, see this infographic by OVA Virtual.


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