Essential Items That Shouldn’t You Keep in Your Bathroom

People often use convenience as a criterion when deciding where to place their essential items inside their place. And, one of the best areas to store and access it is in the bathroom. However, it is not always the best storage place, as a bathroom can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.


Accordingly, the bath fitters have the highest temperature, humidity, and moisture levels compared to other rooms. The moisture and warm heat produced by the bath steam may risk the quality of the jewelry, makeup, perfumes, and medicines you store in the bathroom. Consequently, the same factors can help grow bacteria and fungus on items made in paper and fabric, such as books, magazines, and towels.


Deciding to store your essential items in a different room may be the best option. It will also help if you use storage boxes for jewelry and medicines or cabinets for towels and reading materials. Subsequently, placing your makeups and perfumes in a place where the temperature is stable and far from direct sunlight.


Moreover, when deciding where to keep your essential items should depend on several factors, such as the room’s humidity, moisture, and even temperature. The materials your items are made of should also influence your decision when selecting the right place to store it. This infographic of Duracare Baths Bathtub to Showers Rancho Santa Margarita details some of the things that should not be kept in the bathroom.

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