Electric cars will need tires that are made for electric vehicles

All-season tires

Tires are very important when it comes to avoiding accidents. A set of premium tires on an electric car or a hybrid car will ensure that you get the wanted performance out of it; you should be able to enjoy better stability and control over your vehicle. Premium tires will also give you great grip with a short braking distance, helping you avoid accidents. Without proper premium tires, you are more likely to end up in accidents, and one of them could potentially turn serious. This goes both for your all-season tires and for your winter tires. For all-season tires, you also need good quality tires to manage curvy roads, quick stops, and avoiding hydroplaning during the thunderstorms during summer.

When driving in winter conditions, it is even more important to have proper tires to manage the tricky winter conditions. The tires also have to be approved for winter use and have a severe service emblem on the sidewall of the tires.

Proper tire maintenance is needed to ensure that your tires are kept in good condition. The maintenance should include regular check-ups to check that the tires are free from cracks and cuts. The tread and its wear should be inspected and also the sidewalls. The tires should also be inflated to the correct pressure.

In addition to maintenance, cautious driving is important, including avoiding hitting curbs when parking and potholes when you are driving. You also need to keep the tires properly inflated. If the tires aren’t properly inflated, they will wear out faster. If the tire pressure is very low, you can also damage the tire’s sidewalls. Under-inflated tires will lead to higher fuel consumption when driving, leading to more frequent stops at the gas station for refueling. Nobody wants to spend unnecessary money on fuel and having to replace the tires more often. The environment is also affected by excessive CO2 emissions, so ensure that your tires are properly inflated. Over-inflated tires will reduce the grip of the tires. The tires will also cause excessive wear on the center part of the tread.

Due to the higher weight contributed to the number of battery packs, an electric vehicle must have an acceptable driving range. It is important to also monitor the tires’ tread depth. Low tread depth decreases the key properties of the tires, such as grip, control, and the ability to avoid hydroplaning. You need to have more than 5/32 inches tread depth to be safe when driving. Make sure to rotate the position of your tires between each tire change so that they will wear out evenly. You always want to purchase four new tires and not less, as you want to make sure that all tires have the same grip on all positions around the car.

There are many more tires nowadays that are made especially for electric cars so that they have been optimized for their use. Today you can find both all-season, and winter tires with the designation EV added, indicating that they are made especially for electric vehicles.

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