Choosing winter approved tires for electric cars and hybrids

winter tires

When choosing tires for electric cars and hybrids you should take into consideration the differences between the hybrid and electric cars versus combustion engine cars. The main difference between hybrid and combustion engine cars is that hybrid cars are powered by a combination of a gasoline and electricity generated by an electric motor. This very technologically advanced system uses computerized controls to enable hybrid vehicles to continually switch between the gasoline and electric engine, along with maintaining battery charge along with many other complex tasks. The batteries are what make the hybrid cars heavier than regular combustion engine cars and it is something to take into considerations when buying tires for them.

If looking into tires that are winter approved and are recommended for hybrid cars it is important to look for tires that have good grip and traction to allow for proper braking while remaining fuel efficient, after all most people buying hybrid are looking for an environmentally responsible driving experience. It is good if they are also wear resistance and have low rolling resistance. You will need to make sure that the tires are approved for winter use, that they are premium tires and finally that they are recommended for use on electric vehicles. The wear is higher when you have an electric car due to higher weight caused by the battery packs. You also have a higher torque that can wear down your tires. Your tires therefore should be made with a wear resistant rubber compound and your maintenance should include timely rotation of the tires that might need to be more frequent than your normal rotation when you change between all-season tires and winter tires.

The Nokian Tyres is the tire manufacturing company that invented winter tires and they still is the leader in winter tires both studded and non-studded. Their high quality tires are made to minimize rolling resistance as four to eleven percent of a car’s fuel is used up providing the energy to propel the tires along the road (rolling resistance). No matter which tires you choose for your hybrid car you should know that the Nokian Tyres tire company has reduced rolling resistance in their whole line up of tires. Their winter tire brand Nokian Hakkapeliitta is the gold standard when it comes to reliable winter tires that provide the best combination of stability, grip and safety.

They also manufacture all-weather tires that are winter approved, one of these are the Nokian WR G4 all-weather tires, which also come recommended for hybrid and electric cars  with new innovations ensuring performance in snow storms, heavy rain or sun-scorched asphalt while remaining an eco-friendly tire that helps safe on fuel. This tire comes with many new innovative features like the silent sidewall technology, polished grooves and the new “All Weather Dual Performance Compound”.  All these features make this a premium all-weather tire apt to handle almost any driving surface and provides ultimate protection against hydroplaning.

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