CBD Oil and Hemp Oil – Know the Difference

CBD oil and Hemp oil is increasing popularity in the health and wellness industry. Both types of oils are derived from the cannabis plant and are known to provide positive health benefits. People usually refer to them as the same product as obtained from the same plant.

Several companies choose to use CBD rather than the term Hemp as the majority are still having misconceptions about its effects. In contrast to commonly held misconceptions, neither of the oils causes the “high” and psychoactive effects.

According to the World Health Organization, CBD-infused products are safe and have proven to be an effective treatment for several medical conditions and ailments.

Additionally, CBD oil in UK law allows the production of CBD only if it does not contain more than the prescribed amount of THC – responsible for producing the high sensation.

Moreover, the two oils share similar attributes, which can easily confuse potential buyers.

CBD oil is a popular alternative for pain and symptoms relief. It is also efficient in anxiety and epilepsy treatment. Also, it is available in different forms, such as capsules and CBD tablets in the UK.

While CBD oil is known for therapeutic benefits, Hemp oil is used predominantly in food and growth of user’s hair, skin, and nails laden with nourishing benefits.

Ensure to only rely on a reputable source before making a purchase. Many brands capitalize on the CBD trend and incorrectly market products claiming to contain CBD when there is none. While it is true that CBD and Hemp oil support good health, it is essential to know how they differ.

Although there are no significant repercussions in your health using the wrong oil instead of the other, choosing the right oil that will best suit your needs will maximize its value.

Click this infographic from Love CBD to learn the difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil.


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