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If you have ever been to a legal proceeding, you know that lawyers and their respective clients require accurate documents and printed text messages to serve as written records for their case. In fact, text messages usually serve as excellent records to avoid any “he said she said” situations during a trial or litigation. Having a complete record of your text messages can also help speed up the investigation, becoming more efficient, and saving a lot of time and money for all of the parties involved in the case. Nowadays, using mobile SMS has been a rapidly growing phenomenon. It can be seen everywhere even between employees and clients. However, with the importance of keeping text messages for use in trial and legal matters becoming more relevant, everyone must know how to record text messages. Different Ways to Record Text Messages Not every text can be used in a legal…

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The “new normal” brought by the novel coronavirus introduced many restrictions to the labour force, effectively reducing a company’s productivity. Construction companies need to increase their productivity to stay competitive and survive during the pandemic. Construction companies need to invest in both time and resources to improve their productivity since there is no overnight fix to solve their issues. Productivity is defined as the total output per one unit of the total input, with the output being expressed in weight, length, or volume, while the input is usually shown in working hours. Companies need to reskill their workforce, improve communications, get feedback from the workers, delegate tasks to capable people, improve safety, track time, and use technologies to increase productivity. It’s important to reskill the company’s workforce since the construction industry is continuously changing with the introduction of modern tools and technologies. Companies can no longer practice old practices, and…

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