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  • Window Film Installation: Why You Should Trust Professionals

    Finally, you have decided to tint your car’s windows. The next step is considering its application and you can choose between doing it yourself or hiring a professional tinter. While there are available cheap DIY auto tinting kits in the market, it can be tempting to purchase them and install window tints yourself instead of […]

  • When Does the British Touring Car Championship Start?

    When Does the British Touring Car Championship Start?

    When does the British Touring Car Championship start? The first round will take place in 2021, and then the second, and third, events will take place in June and July. In a bid to minimise the impact of the extreme weather conditions, the BTCC has delayed its second and third events. The Snetterton event will […]

  • How to Choose a Reliable Window Film in Tampa FL

    Then you simply peel off the clear plastic liner to reveal the film and squeegee out any air bubbles. See the infographic from Kepler Dealer for more info about Window Tint in Tampa FL and Auto Window Tinting in Tampa FL.

  • Tips on Choosing the Best Auto Window Tinting Services

    Window tinting Palmdale provides extra protection from harmful ultraviolet (UV), aesthetic appeal, privacy, and security for vehicles. These are the main reasons for auto tinting services’ popularity. Do you wish to explore more about window tinting in Warner Robins, GA? Are you familiar with the criteria that will help you choose the best-tinted film service provider in your locality? […]

  • How To Hire The Best Auto Window Tinting in Pittsburgh PA

    Choosing the right tint is a matter of personal taste, so talking with a professional is recommended. Darker car window tints block out more light. See the infographic from Kepler Dealer for more info about Car Window Tinting in Pittsburgh PA and Window Film in Pittsburgh PA.

  • How to Find a Professional Car Window Tinting in Tampa

    Many people think that tinted windows make a car look better. See the infographic image from Kepler Dealer for more info about Auto Window TInting in Tampa and Window Film in Tampa.

  • Things To Do During Auto Window Tinting Paterson NJ

    If you are planning to have invest in car window tinting Paterson NJ in the near future, it is important to know what to do in order to get your money’s worth from this project. It is true that window tinting carries a lot of benefits, but cannot be able to enjoy these benefits if […]

  • The Benefits of Window Tinting in Fullerton CA

    If you have a car with clear windows in Fullerton CA, it is a good idea to consider investing in window tinting in Fullerton CA. The actual cost of car ownership has risen these days. Considering gas, maintenance, and insurance, owning a car now costs motorists in the United States about $10,800 to $12,000 a […]

  • How to find a best Car WIndow Tinting in Pueblo CO

    Keep in mind that there are usually restrictions after the tinting process. See the infographic from KEPLER DEALER COATINGS for more information about Auto Window Tinting Pueblo CO and Window Tint Pueblo CO.

  • The Benefits of Installing Car Window Tint Pearland TX

    If you have a car with clear windows and have never thought of installing car window tint Pearland TX, you are missing out on a lot of benefits. While it is not mandatory to have tinted windows on your car, the benefits that they bring are many. Since it is an improvement that does not […]