Biggest Sports upsets in History

Sports is one of the mainstream entertainments that people watch. They are contented with how teams and players showcase their skills, especially when a major event happens within the game, like championships, breaking records, and many more that are breathtaking to watch.

People make it even more entertaining when they place their bets on their preferred player or team while watching. Some bettors make this a hobby because sometimes they could earn tons of money, especially if they are always lucky enough to win while watching their favourite sports figures win.

If you are also into sports betting because you believe you can make a fortune on them, you can place your bets on Singapore pools sports odds and see the sport’s progress where you place your bet in Singapore pools sports results.

But sometimes, sports bettors don’t always win and lose tons of money where they place their bets. This is one of the reasons why upset in sports occurs. They place bets on a team that is always expected to win every game but loses at the end.

Sports upset is not uncommon, but some impact the world, so bettors and bookmakers consider this loss a big deal.

Below are some of the lists of the biggest upsets in the history of sports:

-Buster Douglas beats Mike Tyson and gains his first loss on 1990 (Boxing)

– Chelsea won against Bayern Munich in the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final (Football)

– Emma Raducanu beats Leylah Fernandez and wins the 2021 US Open (Tennis)

– New York Jets won against Baltimore Bolts in Super Bowl III 1969 (American Football)

– US National Hockey Team won against the Soviet National Team in the Winter Olympics 1980 (Ice Hockey) There are still more sports upsets; if you want to know more about them, check this infographic by CM2Bet.

Biggest Sports Upsets in History
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