Be ready for the approaching winter weather

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As winter is approaching quickly, make sure that you do your tire change in a timely fashion. If you wait too long, you might already be in an accident. So changing them early enough before the winter weather arrives is of crucial importance. Winter tires are actually better than all-season tires even before the snow arrives. They are better at lower temperatures as the all-season tires become hard at these temperatures. A hard tire will not be able to provide the same grip and traction as a soft tire. This is why the winter and snow tires add oils to the rubber to provide the right softness even at very low winter temperatures.

This means that as soon as you see that the temperatures are dropping so that you might have or the forecast predicts, freezing temperatures at some point of the day or night, it is time to do the change. You don’t have to try to perfect the timing with the first snow to arrive. Changing tires is very quick and hassle-free, at least if you let a tire service station do the change for you. If they also have your winter tires stored in their tire storage and you book a time online, it will not be more than a 15–20-minute pass of time. That is not much time to spend to ensure that you can drive safely for the next six months.

By allowing experts to do the tire change for you, you make sure that the tires they mount on your car are of good quality with sufficient remaining tread depth. They will also change tire valves so that you can better keep the tires pressurized during the season, and they also balance the tires to make sure that they don’t exert any side forces, which is not good for the performance or comfort. All the bolts are properly fastened, so your tires will not fall off. You also know that you will drive away from the with the correct tire pressure in all your tires. The tires that are taken off will be marked for rotation, washed, and stored. It is all very simple.

Since it is so easy to fast and easy to change your tires, there is no reason to wait too long before you do it. Your safety depends on it. Winter and snow tires outperform all-season tires when the temperature drops below 45°F, as the all-season tires become hard while the winter tires remain soft. This means that you can safely change to winter tires already when the temperatures start dropping below the 45°F mark.

By using all-weather tires in areas that have short winters or very unpredictable weather conditions, become a very good solution. Then you don’t have to worry about the tire changes. However, you need to rotate the tires twice per year and maybe more frequently if you have an electric vehicle or hybrid.

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