All-season tires for SUVs

SUV all-season tires

Both all-season tires and SUV all-season tires are a great choice for SUVs and can be used year-round in many parts of the United States. The SUV all-weather tires do however not hold the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” symbol which means they are not adapted for severe winter weather so not recommended for the use in areas with severe winters. The fact that you own a SUV does not exempt you from needing tires adapted for snow and ice. In fact, the 4-wheel drive of the SUV only helps with acceleration and not braking so it is important to have tires that allow for proper grip and traction.

The fact that SUV all-season tires can safely be used year-round in many areas in the United States with mild weather, have made them a very popular tire. There are many states in the United States where the weather stays mild year-round so in these areas the SUV all-season tires hold an advantage. The advantage being that they outperform all-weather tires in all seasons but winter. This is because they allow for a smoother ride and longer tread life while providing optimal handling on both dry and wet roads. If living in an area with severe winters, you would be better off investing in all-weather tires or dedicated SUV winter tires in the winter

SUV all-season tires like the Nokian Tyres One HT offer excellent handling and stability so you can enjoy both safety and comfort. These tires have the Nokian Tyres aramid sidewall technology which is a durable and puncture-resistant sidewall compound that contains the strong aramid fibers. In fact, these fibers are also used by the aerospace and defense industries including bullet proof vests. Its these fibers that strengthens the sidewall allowing them to withstand external impacts. This in turn makes the tires virtually puncture resistant thereby protecting you from surprising situations like potholes or other road hazards.  The new world record for the fastest car on two wheels was, in fact, set using tires that had been reinforced with the Nokian Tyres Aramid Sidewall Technology.

Its also important when choosing tires to make sure to also respect the dimensions recommended for your make and model SUV by the manufacturer as this allows for the best performance of your SUV. If the tire dimension recommended is 275/55R20 then make sure if buying all-season tires that you get 275/55R20 all-season tires. With these dimension tires you will be assured of the best handling of your SUV.

The SUV all-season tires are a great choice in areas with mild weather all year-round. If the choice exists to equip your vehicle with all-season tires, then that is by far the better choice. With the above-mentioned advantages over the all-weather tires there is always the option, if residing in an area with severe winter weather, to place dedicated winter tires on your vehicle during the winter months. This actually remains the best option for both safety and handling on snow and ice.

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