A Look At The Factors That Determine ERP Price

Understanding the factors that determine ERP price is very important if you are thinking of implementing ERP software in your business. ERP software is not cheap, and prices vary depending on the type of deployment, number of users as well as the level of customizations. There are some vendors who publicly display pricing on their website, especially for cloud ERP solutions. Some only provide a quote after finding out a company’s business requirements.

Implementation of ERP is known for being a long and expensive process. This process involves a number of costs include, one of them being modules or features that are not included in base price. There are some ERP solutions that may charge additional fees for individual modules or advanced features, including manufacturing, payroll and e-commerce. There are also some industry-specific solutions that provide features for a particular market.

Another factor that will determine ERP price is customization. A lot of companies require customization for their specific business processes, and this can cause costs to add up quickly. To be on the safes side, you should focus on adding only the features that you need.

Consultants will also affect the cost of implementing your ERP system. A lot of vendors, especially larger ones like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft, use third-party consultants for implementation. The implementation costs can vary significantly for services such as change management and data migration.

The hardware used will also determine the cost of implementing ERP in your business. If you want an on-premise deployment, you will need to purchase data servers as well as hardware infrastructure to host your ERP system. This is something that is going to cost you extra money.

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