7 Ways to Breathe New Life into your Old Bathroom

The bathroom has become the new room of the house, surpassed only by the kitchen and the bedroom. A good quality, updated bathroom can give your home a look and feel of a new home. It is no longer just a room to wash our hands or get dressed in. Bathrooms are becoming places to gather, as well as places to relax and unwind.

Bathrooms are also one of the most frequently remodeled rooms in a new or renovated house. If your older home has a lower price, your bathroom renovations in Cambridge can be one of the best ways to increase your home’s resale value. Renovated bathrooms tend to have the highest value when selling or renting a home.

On average, it now costs almost $200 per square foot to install a new bathroom on your house. However, luxury fixtures may run up to several thousand dollars for a new bathroom addition, depending on the fixtures’ quality and the style you choose. Despite costing a fortune, many homeowners still invest in lavish bathrooms as they can also boost the resale value of your home.

There are many ways to incorporate high-quality design into their Ajax renovations for those who need to save money. Some common bathroom renovation ideas include adding new plumbing, upgrading your shower and bathtub, upgrading your light fixtures, adding new bathroom flooring, painting the walls, or adding new windows and light fixtures. No matter what you decide to do, planning is vital.

This infographic by The Renovators of Canada will help you with the planning process by providing a few tips to create a stunning and functional room.

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